Tree of Hope - Nov 7 to Dec 3, 2022
Home Decorating Contest - Nov 14 to Dec 12, 2022
Winter Wonderland - Launch Dec 16, 2022
Whitewater Memories - Dec 16-17, 2022
Rolly Winter Games - Dec 17, 2022
Le Réveillon - Dec 17, 2022
Chuck Labelle - February 18th, 2023

Café festival Noël

Café festival Noël is designed to be the ultimate experience for visitors who want to experience the arts and culture of how French Canadians, Métis, and Acadians celebrated their respective Christmas seasons.

The setting for the Festival is Rayside-Balfour, one of Greater Sudbury’s thriving Francophone neighbourhoods and community leaders from across Greater Sudbury are united in planning, organizing, and implementing the many observances during the solstice and Christmas season.